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The Experienced GSA Team

Since 1981, GSA Property Tax Consultants have successfully prepared property taxes, filed appeals, and secured returns for clients across Michigan. We are proud of the extensive work we have done for our long list of clients. These many years of industry experience have earned us a familiarity with Michigan property values and the tax implications they have. We have secured a highly qualified staff of state-certified assessors familiar with all stages of the Michigan Tax Tribunal and State Tax Commission procedures. Call our team today to discover the GSA property tax difference.

Meet Our Team

Understand the GSA Property Tax Process

Since 1981, our property tax specialists have demonstrated superior market knowledge and innovative strategies. As a result, we produce exceptional outcomes by saving our clients millions of dollars in taxes. 

We keep you informed of your case status during the appeal process while continually gathering information to support your property value. We have established a good rapport with many assessing offices throughout Michigan and oversee every step of the appeal process to ensure timely responses and accurate information.


Our work for you begins with a FREE review of your company’s property tax status.


Once we establish a basis for reduction, we begin filing the process with the state of Michigan, meeting all compliance and procedural efficiencies.


After the filing process we will continue to develop strategies to help secure the largest reductions possible throughout the appeal process.

Who We Service and What Tax Services We Offer

We have the pleasure of working with clients from various industries thanks to our many years of working in property tax filing in Michigan. We specialize in Litigation Support, Property Tax Research, Property Tax Appeals, and Fair & Equitable Results. In that time, we have also specialized in certain property types and service offerings.

Types of business properties we specialize in:

Commercial Properties

Industrial Properties

Apartment Complexes

Office Buildings

Retail Properties

Contact the GSA Team for Trusted Property Tax Services

GSA Property Tax Consultants has been successfully representing property owners in Michigan since 1981. We offer a FREE review of your property tax situation before moving forward with any other work. With the filing deadline being May 31st for commercial and industrial properties, timing is of the essence. Please contact us to discuss your business’s property tax needs today.


Since 1981

GSA has been successfully representing property owners in the State of Michigan since 1981. Whether you own a single property or own several hundred locations, let GSA Property Tax Consultants fight to save you money on your property taxes this year. We are here to represent your interests!

Southeast & Mid Michigan

Western & Northern Michigan

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