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Q.  How much does it cost me to find out if my property should be appealed?

A.  There is no cost, our review is free and if you decide to move forward our professional fees are paid entirely from tax monies refunded which have already been paid.

Q.  How do I know if I am paying too much in property taxes?

A.  We will complete a free review and you will know in approximately 14 days.

Q.  What is required to have you complete a review of my property?

A.  Provide us with a copy of your assessment notice, tax bill or parcel number.

Q.  What is the board of Review?

A.  The Board of Review is made up of volunteers from the community that review             requested changes to assessments.

Q.  Is it true that any appeal of my property must first be heard at the March Board of Review?

A.  No, The only type of property required to appear at the March Board of Review residential. The      local Board of Review typically have little or no understanding of property valuation and therefore not a reliable source for seeking property tax relief.

Q.  What types of properties make the best appeal candidates?

A.  The answer to this question fluctuates with the prevailing economy however, the answer in today's economy is unquestionably public and private golf courses. 

Q.  How long has GSA managed tax appeals in Michigan?

A.  Over 35 years.

Q.  I have recently appealed my taxes and received a refund, might I still have an opportunity to appeal them again?

A.  Yes, this market is such that appeal actions settled just last year should be looked at again.

Q.  When you are successful reducing my assessments what happens to the tax monies I have already paid?

A.  You will receive a refund for all overpaid taxes.